People Who Still Love Renting DVDs From Netflix

In an increasingly digitized and automated world, there is still a place for the tangible, tactile, and nostalgic experience of renting DVDs from Netflix.

People Who Still Love Renting DVDs From Netflix

Are you one of The People Who Still Love Renting DVDs From Netflix? Despite the dominance of online streaming, DVD enthusiasts still appreciate the convenience, nostalgia, and unique experience of renting physical copies of their favorite movies and TV shows.


In the era of instant gratification and on-demand entertainment, renting DVDs from Netflix may seem quaint or even outdated. After all, why bother with the hassle of waiting for a DVD to arrive in the mail, watching it on a separate player, and returning it by mail when you can click a few buttons on your laptop or TV and access thousands of titles instantly? However, for some die-hard fans of physical media, there is still a charm, a ritual, and a satisfaction that cannot be replicated by streaming.

The People Who Still Love Renting DVDs From Netflix

Who are these mysterious and loyal subscribers who prefer DVDs over digital streams? They are a diverse group of people who share a passion for movies and TV shows, a respect for the past, and a preference for physical artifacts. They may be collectors who value rare or out-of-print titles, cinephiles who appreciate DVDs’ superior audio and video quality, or simply nostalgic souls who miss the days of video rental stores and browsing through shelves of movies.

The Benefits of Renting DVDs From Netflix

Why would anyone choose to rent DVDs from Netflix in the age of streaming? There are several advantages that DVDs offer over digital copies, such as:

Exclusive Content

Some DVDs have bonus features, such as behind-the-scenes documentaries, deleted scenes, director’s commentaries, or interactive games unavailable on streaming services. These extras can enhance the viewing experience and provide insights into making the movie or TV show.


While streaming has improved in terms of resolution and speed, it still relies on internet connectivity and compression, which can affect the picture and sound quality. On the other hand, DVDs provide consistent and reliable playback that can match or surpass the quality of streaming, especially on larger screens or good systems.


Believe it or not, renting DVDs from Netflix can be more convenient than streaming, especially if you have a spotty or slow internet connection, limited data plan, or unreliable device. With DVDs, you don’t have to worry about buffering, lagging, or interruptions, and you can watch them on any DVD player, regardless of the brand or model.


Although streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime boast vast libraries of titles, they often cycle in and out, depending on licensing agreements and popularity. This means that your favorite movie or TV show may be unavailable when you want to watch it or disappear suddenly without warning. With DVDs, you can have a physical copy of your favorite titles that you can watch anytime without relying on the whims of streaming.


For many DVD renters, the appeal of physical media goes beyond practicality or quality. It’s about recapturing the joy and excitement of going to a video rental store, browsing through shelves of movies, and picking the perfect one for the night. It’s about the tangible and tactile experience of holding a disc, reading the cover, and inserting it into a player. It’s about the memories and emotions tied to specific movies and TV shows and how they evoke a particular time and place in our lives.


Isn’t renting DVDs from Netflix more expensive than streaming?

Not necessarily. The cost of a DVD rental from Netflix is comparable to the price of streaming a movie or TV show, and you can rent multiple titles with the same monthly subscription fee. Additionally, some DVDs may not be available on streaming platforms, making them worth the extra cost for enthusiasts.

Aren’t DVDs outdated?

While DVDs may not be as prevalent as in the past, they still have advantages over streaming, such as exclusive content, superior quality, and convenience. Furthermore, many DVD collectors and enthusiasts value the physical aspect of owning and displaying their favorite movies and TV shows.

Isn’t streaming more eco-friendly than DVDs?

Streaming may seem more eco-friendly than DVDs, as it doesn’t involve producing, shipping, and disposing of physical discs. However, streaming requires significant energy consumption from servers, data centers, and devices and the production and disposal of electronics. Additionally, DVDs can be recycled and reused, and some collectors prefer to buy used or vintage DVDs, reducing the environmental impact.

Can I still rent DVDs from Netflix?

Yes, Netflix still offers DVD rentals as a separate subscription service in addition to streaming. However, the DVD library may be more limited than the streaming library, and the availability of specific titles may depend on their popularity and demand.

How do I rent DVDs from Netflix?

To rent DVDs from Netflix, you need to sign up for a monthly DVD subscription, which starts at $7.99. You can create a queue of titles you want to rent, and Netflix will mail you the top available label in your line. You can keep the DVD for as long as you want, without any late fees, and return it in the prepaid envelope provided.

Is it worth it to rent DVDs from Netflix in 2023?

Whether renting DVDs from Netflix is worth it depends on your preferences, needs, and values. Suppose you are a fan of physical media, value quality and exclusivity, or miss the experience of video rental stores. In that case, renting DVDs from Netflix may be a satisfying and enjoyable option. However, if you prioritize convenience, variety, and cost-effectiveness, streaming may be better for you.


In an increasingly digitized and automated world, there is still a place for the tangible, tactile, and nostalgic experience of renting DVDs from Netflix. Despite the rise of streaming and the decline of physical media, many people still appreciate DVDs’ unique benefits and charms, from the quality and exclusivity of the content to the convenience and memories of the ritual. Whether you are a collector, a cinephile, or a nostalgic soul, renting DVDs from Netflix can offer a delightful and rewarding experience.

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